PlanSource HCM Spring Release Notes

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By the PlanSource HCM Team

We are excited to announce the Spring Release is coming in June and will deliver some great new functionality and security features. PlanSource HCM will have a scheduled outage on Saturday, June 24, 2017 to deploy our Spring system release to your platform. While the release is being applied, you may have access to the HRIS/Payroll system, however, no changes should be made during this window, as unintended results may occur.

What This Means for You

  • All payrolls must be completed OR “undone” by Friday, June 23, 2017. Any payrolls left in mid-process during the release deployment may have discrepancies.
  • Single Sign-On to timekeeping and other products will not work. For clients using Stratus Time as your timekeeping system, the direct access workaround for your employees on Saturday, June 24th can be downloaded here. Please review and reach out to the service team with any questions. Get complete timeclock intructions here.
  • No employee records should be updated or added during this window. Even if you are able to log into the system, we do not recommend making any updates or changes, as the system may not behave as expected during this time.
  • HCM services will return new and improved on Sunday, June 25 (or late Saturday if everything goes as planned)

With the deployment of the Spring release comes many new and exciting features. See more details here:

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