Benefits Outsourcing 101: Employee Contact Center

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Is your HR department bogged down with benefits inquiries?

Questions and concerns about employee benefits are inevitable. However, HR professionals often end up spending more time fielding employee queries and coordinating solutions with carriers than they do actually managing and administering benefits. Though implementing a benefits administration software can certainly help streamline processes, pairing this technology with a dedicated support team will further HR efficiencies.

Have you ever considered partnering with an employee contact center?

Outsourcing employee inquiries will free up your HR teams for more strategic internal initiatives, like recruiting, benefits administration and employee engagement.

And, handing questions and concerns off to an expert will result in faster, more efficient problem resolution and better employee education – a win-win for all parties involved.

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Why Outsource Benefits Support?

Answering employee calls seems easy enough, so why would a company need to outsource this function? Managing employee inquiries actually requires much more than fielding simple questions. Employees might need something simple like a password reset, or they might have rather complex benefits problems that require advanced knowledge of plan offerings and even clever negotiation with carriers.


Positive Employee Experience

Professional call center representatives are not only well-versed in the complexities of benefits, but are also full-time customer service employees. Providing a positive employee experience is paramount, especially when handling sensitive matters, which often arise when dealing with benefits.


Fluctuating Call Volume

The volume of employee inquiries will naturally ebb and flow throughout the year, which could result in the need to hire additional HR representatives during peak times, like open enrollment. Eliminate this concern by outsourcing your calls.


No Need For Employee Training

Managing benefits requires a complex knowledge of plan details, carrier policies, legal and compliance regulations, and software expertise, not to mention excellent customer service skills. Leave the tedious work to the experts!


Free Your Internal Teams

Managing benefits inquiries can easily turn into a full-time job for HR professionals. You worked hard to assemble a rockstar team – free your staff from the phones and let them instead focus on more strategic initiatives, like employee recruitment and engagement.


Expand Reach

Does your organization have more than one office? In more than one state? In more than one country? Outsourcing benefits to an employee contact center can be particularly advantageous to companies with multiple locations, as it will ensure optimal up-time for communications to get employees the answers they need exactly when they need them.

Service is our #1 priority when it comes to assisting employees. Our knowledgeable and experienced benefits team are dedicated to providing answers any and all questions your employees have and to solving complex problems that inevitably arise. 

Employee Contact Center FAQs

Do you have hesitations about outsourcing your employee benefits inquiries? Here are a few questions that employers typically have about the PlanSource outsourcing solution:


How Can Employees Get In Touch?

Our comprehensive employee contact service provides three convenient contact methods: email, phone, and chat. Employees are free to use the contact method that is most convenient.


Are Calls Recorded?

Yes, 100% of all inbound and outbound calls are recorded.


Are Multiple Languages Supported?

Yes. English and Spanish-speaking representatives are available and we offer translation services for 180+ languages.

Don’t forget to view our complete benefits outsourcing guide for more information about benefits outsourcing statistics and best practices!

Ready To Hand Off Benefits Support?

Let us take benefits questions off your hands. Schedule your free evaluation today!

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