Benefits Outsourcing 101: Employee Communications

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Does your employee benefits communication strategy consist of printed word documents posted in employee common areas and an occasional email from the HR department?

You might have killer benefits and compensation packages – but what difference does it make if employees and recruits don’t know about it?

Clearly communicating and educating your employees about your company benefits is just as important as actually administering and managing benefits. HR is complicated enough, and communications are easy to overlook, despite how important they might actually be.

Does your HR department need help flexing their marketing muscles?

Why Outsource Employee Communications?

Many companies are relying on communications outsourcing to take the stress out of employee benefits. Creating engaging and visually-appealing content and actively scheduling and managing communications is time-consuming, which is exactly why partnering with a benefits communications expert can be a win-win.


Better Education

Better benefits education is the precursor to better benefits decisions! In a recent survey, almost 50% of US workers reported that making choices about health insurance is “very stressful”.  Alleviate this pain point by incorporating easy to access and understand educational components into your benefits communications.

Higher Enrollment

By informing employees of the value of their benefits, overall participation will increase. How can employees take advantage of perks and programs that they don’t know about? Make benefits front and center with clear communication initiatives.

Improved Health

An enrollment a day keeps the doctor away! While we might be a little confused on our adages, we are sure about the correlation between health coverage and overall wellness and productivity. Keep your employees happy and healthy by improving enrollment participation through strategic education and communication.

What Does Employee Communications Outsourcing Include?

PlanSource gives you everything you need for communicating with your employees about benefits. With a team of communication experts, PlanSource helps you create a strategy that is tailored to the needs of your various employee groups. Leave it to PlanSource to conquer your specific challenges to ensure stellar communications that bring the right information at the right time to the right people.

Benefits Website

Provide employees easy access to your product and plan information via a customized website


Benefits Guides

Create digital and print guides that employees can reference for important benefits information


Customized Videos

Videos created just for you will entertain and educate your employees

Text Messaging

 Send timely messages to employees during OE & for other important announcements


Total Compensation Statements

Showcase the full value of benefits packages with personalized statements


New Hire Packets

Share actionable benefits info & generate awareness by sending a physical postcard 

Communication Plans

Turn your company goals into actionable plans and campaigns that deliver results


Printed Materials

Create personalized print materials for employees like brochures, posters, and more


Print & Fulfillment

Print and mail personalized materials to a single location or directly to an employee’s home

Don’t forget to view our complete benefits outsourcing guide for more information about benefits outsourcing statistics and best practices!

Hand Your Communication Off To The Experts

Contact our team of benefits communications gurus today for a free outsourcing consultation. It’s time to put your benefits front and center, and we can help!

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