Benefits Outsourcing 101: Benefits Billing

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Benefits billing and carrier communications and invoice reconciliation – oh my! Much like Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz clan were concerned about confronting ‘lions and tigers and bears’, HR managers are often overwhelmed with the task of managing benefits billing.

Benefits billing involves precise communication and coordination between employees, employers and insurance carriers, which can quickly escalate into a time-consuming endeavor as a company grows and multiple carriers are involved.

But, what if you could tap your shoes three times and wish your worries away?

Well, now you can – er – sort of. 

Learn more about how partnering with an experienced benefits billing company can massively expedite the entire benefits administration process, minimize risk, save money and reduce stress across the board for your company.

How Does Benefits Billing Outsourcing Work?

Benefits billing with PlanSource happens in four phases: Gathering bills, auditing and reconciling bills, generating and consolidating invoices and paying carriers.

benefits administration billing service

One of the best parts of benefits billing outsourcing is the consolidated invoice. Your company will receive one single bill for all benefits billing and PlanSource handles the rest!

Why Outsource Benefits Billing?

Let’s face it – not all aspects of human resources and benefits administration are glamorous. Benefits billing and reconciliation are a tedious but necessary part of providing employee compensation packages.


Save Time

Benefits billing and reconciliation takes time. Allow your HR team to focus on more strategic, revenue-driven activities by outsourcing tedious tasks to an experienced third party.


Reduce Stress

Reconciling invoices and ensuring accurate records each month can be very taxing on HR teams. Reduce the stress on your team by partnering with an experienced billing provider that can help expedite the process.


Minimize Risk

Late payments or inaccurate paperwork can be an administrative nightmare with serious repercussions. Eliminate this concern and ensure your payments are timely and accurate.


Have Confidence

Deadlines, invoices and multiple carriers are no match for PlanSource. Rest easy and have confidence that your plan billing is in good hands.


What Does Benefits Billing Outsourcing Include?

Handing off benefits billing sounds great, but what exactly does this service entail? The PlanSource billing outsourcing package includes the following services:

Billing Handling

Whether it’s for self-bill or list-bill, we’ll take care of it


Invoice Consolidation

Clients get one bill showing everyone who needs to be paid

Payment Simplification

Employers pay Plansource and we’ll pay everyone on your behalf


Discrepancy Resolution

All list bills are audited and any issues with carriers are resolved

Don’t forget to view our complete benefits outsourcing guide for more information about benefits outsourcing statistics and best practices!

Ready To Be Done With Benefits Billing?

We don’t blame you. Instead of tapping your shoes together, tap in a few fields below to schedule your free benefits billing consultation.

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