AllBusiness: 5 Ways Sports Give You a Jump Start in Business

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PlanSource CEO Dayne Williams wrote a bylined article that appeared on An excerpt from the article is below and the entire piece can be found here.  

5 Ways Sports Give You a Jump Start in Business
Dayne Williams
August 5, 2016
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There are plenty of movies, books, and real-life stories out there about athletes who take themselves—and their teams—to legendary success on the field. We idolize these champions for the hard work, focus, and discipline they possess in their sports, but what happens after the glory?

Many athletes move on after years of playing sports, but that doesn’t mean they can’t find success in another field. As a former football player from Florida State University, and now CEO of my own company, I can attest that what you learn from being an athlete translates to whatever career you choose, and none more than business.

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