6 Tools to Help Jumpstart Your Business

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We often think that tools to help entrepreneurs are only for people who own their own business. But what if you thought more about each department as a business? For smaller companies, this can be a great way to avoid complacency and inject new ideas into your organization.

However, turning idea into action is not easy, and frequently ideas sit discarded, because they lack the resources to allow them to grow. As a business leader, this means your business doesn’t get to grow either.

So, let’s focus on your business, that idea you have, and how to make a successful plan of action. We’ve found six different resources you can use without breaking the bank, so you can focus on your plans and grow that idea until it flourishes.

Business plan templates
Business plans are readily available online, all you need to do is search for what kind of plans you need. Depending on your type of business, or what you need to make that idea of yours flourish, you can search through the many types of templates to find what would work best for you. To save you some time, check out these:

The Small Business Administration
Still not sure what your business plan should look like? Check out the Small Business Administration for some additional guidance. Here they share what is most beneficial to include in each section, or you can sign up and build a plan right on their website, being guided along the way.

Narrow your focus with a one-page plan
Formulating the above-mentioned plan can be hard if your idea comes with plenty of scattered thoughts and ‘what-ifs.’ Therefore this 1-page plan is a simple, quick, and easy way to hone those scattered thoughts into something usable. Feeling truly overwhelmed building your plan? Start here first.

Shopify (in depth)
Still stuck on ideas of exactly how to turn your idea into action? Shopify saw that coming, and created a valuable guide on exactly what goes into making a good business plan. Though it focuses on .com sites, a lot of what they showcase is applicable for businesses of any kind.

  1. StratPad
    Keep that plan in motion, anywhere. Cloud based software is where savvy business leaders are moving. Secure and accessible wherever you are, sites like StratPad let you keep your business plan close by, and active. With tutorials and advice from professional business coaches, sites like this are integral on keeping on track with your work.
  1. Enloop when time runs low
    Don’t have time to waste when turning your idea into a structured plan? Most people don’t, so Enloop answered the call. This tool takes away the manual labor, using the information you input and then exporting a summed up, functional plan that you can act on
  • For other ways to boost your business or find new tools that can help you, reach out to us at PlanSource.

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