3 Benefits Startups To Watch in 2019

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Human resources is quickly changing in the age of digital transformation. What used to be a paper-heavy industry is quickly transforming into a tech-savvy field. And, concepts like inclusion and diversity, the gig economy, outsourced services and more are driving the influx of HR startups as solutions emerge to help automate and improve existing processes and problems.

Employee benefits, in particular, is a wildly versatile field. More employers are tapping into innovative benefits to help attract and retain their top talent. And every year, new niche and unconventional benefits companies emerge to do just that.

Here are three human resources tech startups to keep on your radar for 2019.

Perks For Parents: Maven Clinic

Touted as a ‘one-stop shop for modern family benefits’, Maven clinic is revolutionizing the way companies support new parents. The comprehensive platform offers new parents every type of care available in one convenient place, with on-demand support at every stage of the journey. Specifically, the platform addresses three stages—fertility, maternity and returning to work. The platform also offers the largest global network of women’s health and family health care practitioners, on-demand virtual clinic visits and dedicated care concierge.

The United States falls behind the rest of the world (literally) when it comes to perks for parents—namely, paid maternity leave. This is starting to change as more states mandate paid maternity leave, but the process is slow.

employee benefits for parents

Maven Clinic is a great perk whether or not you offer a generous maternity program, as it can support parents throughout the process of starting a family and help guide your parents back into the workplace after their new addition.

You can learn more at https://www.mavenclinic.com/for-employers.

Smoking Cessation: Nicotrax

Individuals that smoke cigarettes are at risk for a myriad of dangerous chronic health conditions, including various cancers, coronary heart disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, birth defects and more. These health concerns are expensive, and these costs trickle down to employers and can significantly increase the cost of health care across the board. Interestingly, many of these risks drop sharply after just one year of quitting. The case is solid to entice and support smoking cessation, but how can employers incentivize this at scale?

Enter: Nicotrax. This unique company takes a personalized approach to solving one of HR’s most expensive health problems. The program is fairly simple; after an employee signs up, they are sent a wearable tracking device and can use the mobile app to log smoking behaviors. Then, Nicotrax uses AI to analyze smoking patterns and creates a completely customized 10-week program to help the user quit smoking for good. The customized approach, paired with nicotine replacement therapy, is proven to increase the success of quitting for good.

Data from Nicotrax indicates that the program saves the average employers $5,800 per year per smoker! And, it helps employees live happier, healthier lives, a win/win for all parties.

You can learn more at https://www.nicotrax.com/.

employee health and wellness yoga class

Mental Health: Spring Health

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States, affecting over 18% of the entire population every year. Additionally, it is estimated that 15% of all adults will experience depression at some point in their life. And these two disorders aren’t mutually exclusive—about 50% of people diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with anxiety. Adults that suffer from mental illness are three times more likely to go to the doctor and six times more likely to be hospitalized for psychiatric disorders compared to those who are not suffering from a mental health issue. While these conditions are highly treatable, only 37% of those suffering will seek treatment.

Spring Health launched in 2016 with a simple goal—to help people feel better, faster. The simple mobile app is revolutionizing the way employers and employees think about mental health by making treatment easier than ever before to access. Features include screening to help employees detect symptoms, treatment matching to identify the best course of action, guided recommendations and more. The results are impressive, with an average wait time of only 1.7 days to connect with a provider and 2x higher recovery rates versus traditional methods.

Can your EAP do that? You can learn more at https://www.springhealth.com/.

Bonus: Recruiting and Engagement

But wait—there’s more! Though these two startups don’t fall into the ‘benefits’ bucket, we felt they were impactful enough to mention in our roundup.

Sentio recently launched the world’s first and only applicant matching system. Their proprietary technology uses artificial intelligence to score candidates as they apply and then thoughtfully reviews resumes and interviews to match applicants with jobs that are the best fit. Sentio has been proven to reduce the time to hire from weeks to days and drastically reduces turnover rates by hiring the right employees the first time. You can learn more at https://www.mysentio.com/.

A creative solution that ties employee engagement with social responsibility, OneDonation simplifies the charitable donation process through automated payroll deductions. Their seamless solution syncs with existing HR and payroll platforms to connect employees, employers, and non-profits. Their network integrates with hundreds of charities throughout the nation and only charges a small, flat fee, which makes OneDonation effective and affordable. You can learn more at https://onedonation.org/.


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