The PlanSource Elite Advisory Board

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About The Elite Advisory Board

The Elite Advisory Board is a group of PlanSource’s most valued, innovative and forward-thinking strategic partners. As revenue-generating partners, these insurance brokers and industry consultants are uniquely positioned to provide PlanSource with meaningful advice on its direction and activities to ensure collaborative market success.

Feedback gained from this forum of leaders in insurance, health care and technology helps ensure that the PlanSource go-to-market approach strategy is sound and that, together, we are solving urgent and pervasive market problems. In short, the Elite Advisory Board exists because of PlanSource’s steadfast belief that partners are integral to its success.

What Are the Objectives of the Elite Advisory Board?


Organize and focus partner recommendations on the most important issues facing the market

Stay up-to-date on industry trends that shape the benefits and human resources markets

Provide a forum in which collaboration between industry peers can occur and partners

Expose partners to PlanSource strategy, key initiatives, performance and product roadmap

Identify customer and industry best practices in benefits and human resources

Why Should You Participate in the Elite Advisory Board?


Influence on the development of product functionality to meet business needs


Quality time with the PlanSource leadership team to ensure strategic and operational alignment


Advanced knowledge of product changes and updates to the PlanSource market offerings


Opportunities to share and gain knowledge and experience from other Board members


Updated information on industry trends that shape the benefits and human resources industries

About The PlanSource Advisory Boards

PlanSource is a customer-driven company. We understand that our future success depends on keeping our current customers happy. Maintaining a balance between growth and customer retention is a direct result of PlanSource staying current, compliant and relevant. One of the key approaches we take to achieving this understanding is listening to and having high quality conversations with our partners and customers through the PlanSource Advisory Boards. By understanding our market from the point of view of our partners and customers, we stay relevant while both keeping existing customers happy and adding new customers to the PlanSource community.

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