The PlanSource Advisory Boards


Why Does PlanSource Have Advisory Boards?

PlanSource is a customer-driven company. We understand that our future success depends on keeping our current customers happy. Maintaining a balance between growth and customer retention is a direct result of PlanSource staying current, compliant and relevant. One of the key approaches we take to achieving this understanding is listening to and having high quality conversations with our partners and customers through the PlanSource Advisory Boards. By understanding our market from the point of view of our partners and customers, we stay relevant while balancing the needs of keeping existing customers happy and adding new customers to the PlanSource community.

What Are The PlanSource Advisory Boards?


Elite Advisory Board

The EAB is an invite-only group of qualifying strategic partners who generate revenue for PlanSource. It’s composed of one representative per strategic partner with an initial membership term of two years.

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Reseller Roundtable

The Reseller Roundtable is a membership-only group of the PlanSource Elite Reseller Roundtable partners who directly service and support customers. Employees and contractors of Elite Reseller Roundtable are eligible to join and participate.

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HR Advisory Council

The HR Advisory Council is an invite-only group of experienced HR staff from PlanSource employers. One representative per selected employer is permitted to join for an initial membership term of two years.

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